Why Home-Based Learning

@ TaF.tc

Dear TaF.tc community,

As you might already know, all our classes starting April 7, 2020 have been conducted using online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, and TalentLMS. Your safety and well-being is our highest priority, and as such, we complied with the Circuit Breaker measures.

Though Singapore is undergoing a Phased Reopening from the Circuit Breaker, some Continuous Education Training Centres (CETs) like us have been asked to remain closed in the interest of public and community safety. Moreover, we currently do not have any insight as to when we would be allowed to reopen. Therefore, until further notice, all our lessons (except our On-Campus Shoe and Bag Making courses, as they require necessary equipment) will continue to be taught online.

Whichever the teaching method, we remain fully committed to ensuring that you have a pleasant learning experience. Behind the scenes, our team has expended much effort and resources to equip both you and your trainers with the tools you need for the best learning experience. We are constantly coordinating the logistics needed to ship fabrics, tools, machines and materials to you so that you are prepared for your class before it starts.  No matter what, TaF.tc will do our best to make sure your learning experience is on par, if not comparable to learning on-campus. 

We still acknowledge that for many of us, including ourselves, this transition to remote learning has been sudden and sometimes challenging. We fully empathise with you, and we are listening very closely to your feedback to improve the learning experience. We want to thank all the students who have supported us in our endeavour.

 If you are a new student about to join us, and you have concerns about remote learning, we are pleased to say that we have so far received great ratings from students who joined us online. We will do our best to guide you through some of the platforms we use for training, and we have begun compiling some guides and videos to help you make the most of home-based learning.

The world has changed rapidly as a result of this virus, and we hope that we can help you adapt to this new normal that we find ourselves in. Rest assured, every single one of our TaF.tc team is available at your disposal to help you in an way you need, whether heart-ware (pun-intended) or software. TaF.tc will always do our best to listen and guide you along the way should you feel lost in this transition. You will not be left behind. We are here for you and excited to see you flourish!

Yours truly,