Fashion Business Courses


Search Engine Optimisation

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What is SEO? In 1 day, learn how search engines work. Discover the tips and tricks to optimising your site, positioning higher in search engines' ranking, and promoting your fashion label!

For SGs/PRs: $60.99

3 November 2020Sign Up!
16 December 2020 | Sign Up!

Inbound Marketing

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Learn the art of attracting, retaining, and cultivating new leads to your brand & product!

For SGs/PRs: S$ 108.07

24, 26 November 2020Sign Up!
8, 11 January 2021Sign Up!

E-Fashion Business

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Acquire the basics of setting up, maintaining, and operating an e-commerce store. Learn how to expand and complement your fashion brand digitally!

For SGs/PRs: S$ 103.79

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17, 19 November 2020 Sign Up!

Social Media Marketing

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Stand out in the world of digitalisation! Learn how and why social media communication is key focus for all businesses in today's world, and find out how to raise your own brand profile!

For SGs/PRs: S$ 108.07

9, 12 November 2020 Sign Up!
12, 13 December 2020 Sign Up!

Quality Assurance

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Want to find out how to build quality into your products? This multifaceted course will aid you in identifying problem areas and developing solutions to assure quality in your end product.

For SGs/PRs: S$ 523.23
For SGs age 40 and above: S$ 205.23

31 October - 5 November 2020 Sign Up!

Fashion Brand Management

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Learn the importance of branding in the world of fashion business. In this hands-on class, learn to create your own brand, marketing strategy and how to position yourself in this competitive industry with your own unique selling point (USQ).

For SGs/PRs: S$ 420.51
For SGs age 40 and above: S$ 166.51

6 - 11 November 2020 Sign Up!

*All fees listed include 70% SSG grant for Singaporeans & PRs and application fee (S$ 12.84)


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