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Step-by-Step Enrolment Guide

Step 1: Go to

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Step 2: Look for the course of your choice under the "Programmes" tab or with the search bar

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Step 3: You can learn more about the course here, including the course fees. Click "Enrol Now" to view course schedules

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Step 4: You can view available schedules, add the course to cart if you would like to enrol for multiple courses, or click "Apply Now" to register for the selected course

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Step 5: Select "Self Sponsored" if you're not sponsored by a company

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Step 6: Select "No" if you're a new student and have not taken a course at before

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Step 7: Continue the enrolment process by entering your details and click "Next" after completing each page

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Step 8: After filling out all the pages, you'll be directed to the Payment Section

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Step 9: Select the checkbox if you're paying with SkillsFuture Credits or PSEA. The highlighted amount is the amount you'll need to claim on the SkillsFuture website and you'll need to enter that amount in the PSEA box if you're using PSEA

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Step 10: Use the promo code "OH2020AUG" to get an application fee waiver for this Open House!

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Step 11: Select "Pay with Card" and enter your card details to make payment for the course

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Step 12: Congratulations, you've successfully signed up for your course! You'll receive an email confirmation and be added into the class WhatsApp group 1 - 2 weeks before the class starts

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Need Help Enroling?

If you need help registering for a course, click the following links to be directed to a meeting* or call with one of our friendly programme advisor:

*Meeting links will only work on the 29th of August, from 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Apparel Design

Bags Design

Fashion Business

Footwear Design

Sewing Modules

Sewing Courses & Advanced Certificates (Apparel Design & Fashion Business), contact Mengqian: +65 8668 1050

For Footwear Courses & Diploma (Apparel Design), contact Gabriel: +65 8488 7213

For Bags Courses & Diploma (Fashion Business), contact Wilson: +65 8481 6093